Retailers Implement Strategies to Meet Demands Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Retailers Implement Strategies to Meet Demands Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

UNITED STATES - When it comes to times like these, we are all about action. Retailers are taking on the challenges that unprecedented demand for supply has presented with progressive solutions—a cause we can get behind. Among these solutions are several hiring spree announcements, changes in hours, and other strategies to remain steadfast amidst COVID-19 awareness and reactions.

The latest move is to expand workforces and amplify power of supply. Retailers and grocers have announced massive hirings to help balance the workload and fortify the supply chain.

Grocery stores are welcoming more associates to help with e-deliveries. abc10 reported Raley’s is hiring in several Northern California cities for its e-cart division, encouraging people whose employment was affected by the coronavirus pandemic to apply. Costco is seeking new members to join as well in an effort to help keep warehouses stocked, while major chains such as Kroger, Meijer, and Safeway are hiring in-store shelf stockers and delivery staff.

Retailers and grocers like Safeway have announced massive hirings to keep up with the sudden demand and fortify the supply chain

Along with hiring more workers to help during this time, retailers have also been adjusting store hours, serving consumers by expanding their stocking and cleaning hours, as well as opening first to those ages 60 and older to ensure the most at-risk shoppers are able to get their products before the larger crowds. Closing earlier to sanitize the stores has also allowed employees to get home to take care of their families as well.

And for the extreme increase in deliveries, especially with grocery, Amazon announced on its site it will be opening 100,000 new roles to keep up with orders that will support those that rely on delivery services during this time.

Reports and solutions remain fluid as our industry continues to be a main resource for the public during this challenging time. As more becomes known, AndNowUKnow will inform our readers of the latest for our industry.