Tive® Announces Everstream Analytics® to Join Open Visibility Network

Tive® Announces Everstream Analytics® to Join Open Visibility Network

BOSTON, MA & SAN MARCOS, CA - Tive® is continuing to boost the fresh produce sphere with leading innovations and partnerships—and it’s doing so with the help of Everstream Analytics®. Recently, the dynamic duo announced a partnership to provide the Open Visibility Network (OVN) with the power of predictive analytics. By integrating data and insights beyond shipment location and condition, the new partnership will provide mutual customers with insights to increase resiliency and agility for a better end-customer experience.

Everstream’s predictive models process over 20 billion data points daily to predict risk to on-time and in-full arrival. In combination, mutual customers will have deep visibility into all loads and improve their end-customer experience.

Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tive“The Open Visibility Network is growing with incredible velocity and it has started to benefit customers all over the globe, and the return on investment for the participants has been immediate for all the partners,” said Tive CEO and Founder Krenar Komoni. “Tive trackers are being deployed on thousands of shipments worldwide every single day, and all the parties involved benefit by understanding the exact location and condition of their loads; we are excited to see Everstream Analytics join this powerful partnership of top visibility solutions providers to help our mutual customers further improve the resilience and agility of their supply chains.”

Demand across multimodal shipping continues to skyrocket, and logistics professionals are demanding more actionable insights to actively manage their customer’s growing expectations, noted the release. With Everstream Analytics now onboard and actively participating in the building of the OVN, the network now adds deep and broad data and insights on risks such as weather, sub-tier supplier risks, port strikes, political unrest, the global pandemic, and more.

Recently, Tive® and Everstream Analytics® announced a partnership to provide the Open Visibility Network with the power of predictive analytics

This newest addition to the OVN combines Everstream’s insights with those of other industry leaders’ data, including Tive, project44, FourKites, and TransVoyant to deliver immediate value to the global supply chain. Everstream’s risk assessment and predictive analytics allow customers to turn risk into a competitive advantage. The addition of Everstream Analytics extends access to new levels of in-transit visibility to ensure that shipments arrive on time and in full (OTIF).

David Shilingford, Chief Executive Officer, Everstream Analytics“Companies that were resilient and outperformed their peers during the pandemic were also those that were the most agile,” said David Shillingford, CEO of Everstream Analytics. “But agility is relative. It’s about being faster to react than you otherwise could. That’s critical when there is a natural disaster, the threat of a major port blockage, borders are closed due to a pandemic, or any time when capacity is strained—now more than ever. Agility starts with knowing what might happen or what has happened as quickly as possible. That’s the future of visibility. We are excited to be joining these leading, innovative companies in the development of the OVN which represents the future of supply chain visibility.”

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