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Trader Joe's Expands on Both Coasts

Trader Joe's Expands on Both Coasts

UNITED STATES - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are coming to a few crucial shopping centers as Trader Joe’s once again silently but surely descends on key markets. After revealing expansion plans in New Jersey, California, and Arizona at the beginning of February, the beloved grocer is now kicking off March with new store announcements for New York, Oregon, and New Jersey.

Most excitingly in Trader Joe’s latest expansion round is its store slated for the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York—plans for which were just approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, according to news source 6sqft. The historic spot—known as Bridgemarket as it formerly housed an open-air market under the Queensboro Bride—will now be updated to include TJ’s iconic grocery offerings.

Trader Joe's is starting March with new store announcements for New York, Oregon, and New Jersey

Over on the opposite coast—some might even call it the right coast—Portland Trader Beaus will be welcoming a new store location from their retailer of choice. Though Trader Joe’s is staying characteristically tight-lipped on the details, the grocer’s team has confirmed it will be adding a fourth location to Oregon’s weirdest town—keep Portland weird!

“While I am not able to confirm an address at this time, I can tell you that we are working to open a new Trader Joe’s store in Portland,” a TJ’s spokesperson shared with the Portland Business Journal.

Then, back over to the actual right coast, Trader Joe’s will be making moves in New Jersey once again—this time in Freehold. The grocer is expected to move into a 12,588-square-foot store, according to the Daily Voice.

Where will Trader Joe’s head next? And how do all of these stores fit into a greater expansion plan? AndNowUKnow will continue to await with bated breath with the rest of the industry.

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