Will Whole Foods Offer Amazon Prime Members 10 Percent Discount?

Will Whole Foods Offer Amazon Prime Members 10 Percent Discount?

AUSTIN, TX - In the wake of the company’s recent summit that sought to ease worries from vendors, new rumors are swirling about Whole Foods’ next marketing move to boost sales. In light of the recent push-back the company has been dealing with after its merger with Amazon, CNBC reported that an Austin, Texas, store considered launching a new 10 percent Amazon Prime discount after gaining access to test marketing materials for the promotion.

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Late Wednesday night, banners for the promotion were hung, only to be taken down in the early hours of Tuesday morning. No official announcement was made and finalized marketing material was not set, so the discount promotion remains speculative.

“We’re not testing this offer at any of our stores,” a Whole Foods spokesperson told CNBC.

One of the banners focuses on Amazon Prime members, stating, “blue signs mean special deals just for you, yes you,” according to the news source.

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Most recently, Amazon has extended offers to engage with customers and its vendors, such as its Prime membership Visa rewards card that puts five points cash back, as well as its free delivery service on groceries from Whole Foods.

Will this promotion flesh out and become the next move Whole Foods makes as it continues to take shape under its Amazon ownership? AndNowUKnow will continue to keep you updated with the latest!

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