Bard Valley Natural Delights® Concludes Happy Holi-dates Sweepstakes; David Baxter Comments

Bard Valley Natural Delights® Concludes Happy Holi-dates Sweepstakes; David Baxter Comments

YUMA, AZ - Bard Valley Natural Delights® is one company that knows how to build brand awareness. The success of the company’s ongoing strategic marketing initiatives was recently made evident by the date provider’s Happy Holi-dates Sweepstakes, which helped amplify date visibility in the produce department earlier this year.

David Baxter, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Bard Valley Natural Delights®“Our sweepstakes achieved precisely what we envisioned—elevating sales and generating momentum at the retail level, all while fostering online engagement and inviting individuals into our community for ongoing conversations,” shared David Baxter, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Natural Delights. “Now, our focus is on sustaining this online community with valuable resources to encourage continued interest in Natural Delights products at local grocery stores.”

This creative sweepstakes played a key role in growing date sales at the retail level. Circana data shows that one retailer witnessed nearly 6x volume growth and nearly 2x velocity growth of the Natural Delights products promoted in the Happy Holi-dates shipper compared to the same time last year. The products were prominently showcased in various locations—from the fresh produce aisle near the banana racks to the holiday displays and other snack items, creating ample opportunities for impulse purchases.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® is reflecting on the success of its recent Happy Holi-dates Sweepstakes

As a press release detailed, the sweepstakes garnered over 140,000 online submissions, leading to the addition of 14,000 new contacts to the brand's database.

Retailers can replicate this successful approach in their stores throughout the year by employing merchandising techniques from the Happy Holi-dates Sweepstakes; shippers are readily available on the brand’s trade website upon request and can be strategically placed in the fresh produce aisle or high-traffic areas to promote healthy snacking.

With this influx in consumer visibility, Natural Delights plans to actively engage with its expanded community of Medjool date enthusiasts by sharing inspiring recipes, health facts, and convenient ways to locate Natural Delights products.

Will you soon harness the success of this winning strategy?

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