Del Rey Avocado Invests in Future Growth With Packing House Facility Upgrade; Jessica Hunter, Patrick Lucy, and Donny Lucy Share

Del Rey Avocado Invests in Future Growth With Packing House Facility Upgrade; Jessica Hunter, Patrick Lucy, and Donny Lucy Share

FALLBROOK, CA - Sustainable growth is an important element of strategy in our industry, and Del Rey Avocado knows it. The grower/packer/shipper recently completed a major overhaul of its Fallbrook, California, packing house facility—a project that highlights Del Rey Avocado’s investment for future growth.

Jessica Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Del Rey Avocado“Efficiencies were an important consideration for us in making this investment, but even more important was creating an environment our people could enjoy and thrive in. Our families have always been committed to providing the best possible tools and technologies so our employees feel safe and productive,” said Jessica Hunter, Chief Executive Officer.

As the company transitions to a fully sustainable business model, the leadership team noted the importance of the Fallbrook packing house in these plans. The facility underwent a multi-million-dollar upgrade to handle significantly increased throughput, and take pressure off the industry’s increasing labor challenges.

Del Rey Avocado's Fallbrook, California, packing house facility recently underwent several strategic upgrades

The upgrades to Fallbrook include a streamlined receiving process, the latest in sorting, sizing, and safety technology, as well as an ergonomic pack-out line, making for a safer and more comfortable environment for their employees.

The company’s ability to handle larger volumes of fruit in Fallbrook was critically important, a release noted, as the Vista facility, which came online over three years ago, was reaching capacity. The Vista facility is equally equipped with the latest avocado packing equipment, and is also outfitted with an impressive solar panel system which produces nearly 80 percent of the company’s electricity needs.

Patrick Lucy, President, Del Rey Avocado“We are proud of the investments we and our fathers before us made in sustainable energy,” added Patrick Lucy, President. “It is part of our commitment to being outstanding stewards of God-given resources and setting new standards for our industry that are aligned with consumer expectations as well as meeting the goals of our retail partners.”

Del Rey Avocado’s commitment to environmental stewardship runs deep and has included water conservation technology, strict land management practices, as well as the installation of large-scale solar projects on a number of Southern California avocado ranches.

Donny Lucy, Vice President, Del Rey Avocado“Stewardship is something that we all grew up understanding, thanks to our parents. Our commitment to being good stewards extends not only to our commitment to the environment, but our commitment to our people and the communities we operate in around the globe,” said Vice President Donny Lucy.

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