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Delhaize Implements New Supply Chain Planning Solution to Enhance Fresh in U.S.

Delhaize Implements New Supply Chain Planning Solution to Enhance Fresh in U.S.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - In a new move to further enhance freshness, Delhaize America has implemented the supply chain planning solutions of RELEX Solutions in its distribution centers, serving about 1,000 Food Lions in the Southeastern United States, as well as 181 Hannaford stores across New England and New York.

“As an organization, we are continuously looking for ways to continue to innovate, enhance, and optimize the way we procure and forecast product to our retail locations, ensuring our customers have the freshest merchandise available,” the retailer’s Senior VP of Supply Chain, Chris Lewis, said, according to a RELEX release. “We expect RELEX’s forecasting and replenishment solution will drive product improvements at retail, enhance our customers’ shopping experience, and reduce inventory levels at our distribution centers to further enhance product freshness at our stores.”

The system, the company explained, will help forecast and replenish perishable categories within Delhaize’s facilities.

Michael Falck, President, RELEX North America“We’re delighted by Delhaize America’s vote of confidence and for the opportunity they’ve given us to show what we can do. The agreement provides us the opportunity to demonstrate to North American retailers what we have been able to do for their European counterparts,” said Michael Falck, President of RELEX North America. “We love tackling challenges in fresh and short-shelf-life products. It’s one of the toughest areas of retail planning and not only do we do it well, but customers across the board recognize that by nailing fresh replenishment we can do pretty much anything. We believe RELEX’s power, flexibility, and experience were major factors in Delhaize America’s decision to select RELEX, especially with the flexibility in which the solution can be customized.”

Encompassing both its Food Lion and Hannaford banners, Delhaize America operates a total of more than 1,200 stores along the East Coast.

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