Driscoll’s Introduces Berry Big™ Strawberries

Driscoll’s Introduces Berry Big™ Strawberries

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WATSONVILLE, CA - The strawberry season keeps getting sweeter as more berry good news rolls in. Driscoll’s recently introduced its Berry Big™ Strawberries, larger-sized strawberries with versatility for endless everyday eating possibilities.

Frances Dillard, Senior Director of Brand and Product Marketing, Driscoll’s“With families focused on well-being and spending more time together, product quality and new usage occasions are high priorities. Our brand is foundational to making those ordinary moments of human connection just a bit more special,” said Frances Dillard, Senior Director of Brand and Product Marketing. “Customers are also eager for category excitement that will drive purchase intent and trust our brand to deliver on product innovation.”

According to a press release, this special berry gives consumers multiple bites from just one berry. Their quantity is limited and captures the beginning of the peak of the California growing season. Fresh, sweet, and juicy big strawberries are packed in a single-layer corrugated package that is 100 percent recycle ready.

Naomi Sakoda, Product Marketing Manager, Driscoll's“We spent more than a year in consumer research to crystalize new usage occasions and understand the ways consumers want to enjoy strawberries,” added Naomi Sakoda, Product Marketing Manager. “Consumers clearly expressed that naturally big fruit encourages more dipping, slicing, dicing, filling, and sharing. We are confident that Berry Big Strawberries meet a unique marketplace need and that our product strategy is directly translated from what the consumer wants.”

The product launch is timed for May, otherwise known as National Strawberry Month. With the SRP at $4.99, the Berry Big Strawberries will come in 18 oz corrugated packages. These packages include the How2Recycle® label on the bottom, which informs consumers on how to recycle accurately and where to go if they need to find information specific to their municipality. Driscoll’s is a member of The Sustainable Packaging Coalition and is committed to making packaging more sustainable. All major North American fresh berry producers announced their commitment to using 100 percent recycle-ready packaging by 2025.

Driscoll’s recently introduced its Berry Big™ Strawberries, larger-sized strawberries with versatility for endless everyday eating possibilities

Driscoll’s generational farming heritage is steeped in the art and science of growing strawberries for more than 100 years. Driscoll’s dedicated Research and Development team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists, and entomologists are nicknamed the Joy Makers. Today’s Driscoll’s R&D team continues the history of developing proprietary varieties through traditional breeding methods for an optimum delightful eating experience. All of Driscoll’s Berries, including the Berry Big Strawberries, come from Mother Nature—and tout no GMOs.

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