Execulytics Consulting's Mike Mauti Details Melon Update

Execulytics Consulting's Mike Mauti Details Melon Update

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - It’s the dead of summer, you’ve got overheated guests and dehydrated children. It is your responsibility to rectify the situation. The go-to fruit to cool down and rehydrate has always been watermelon.

Let’s face it, watermelon has a built-in advantage; it has water right in its name. How can you compete with those hydrating credentials? I have often wondered why honeydews must play second fiddle to other melons in the produce department. If watermelon can get an advantage based on its name, shouldn’t ‘Honey Do’ melons likewise get an advantage over ‘Can’t’aloupes? Okay, admittedly, that was a bit corny, but there are plenty of advantages to honeydew melons that should appeal to customers needing relief from the sun.

Honeydews saw declining volumes for most of last July and August, during weeks 26 through 33, with a bit of an uptick in mid-August during week 32

One obvious advantage is the cool color of the rind and flesh. While sitting on a counter or in a picnic basket, they give off cooling vibes. They are also cool to the touch when slicing into them. As first impressions mean a lot, honeydews help themselves by providing initial sensory cues that prepare one to become cool.

And then there is the taste. There is something about a perfectly ripe honeydew that provides a unique blend of sweet, juicy, and crispness. Almost like a tumbler of iced tea filled to the brim with ice cubes.

Undoubtedly there is more to honeydews than simply understanding their physical attributes. That’s where Produce Moneyball shines. As you can see in the accompanying chart, honeydews fought declining volumes for most of last July and August, during weeks 26 through 33, with a bit of an uptick in mid-August during week 32. As volumes declined in 2021, so too did the cost, indicating weakening demand as the summer progressed; clearly there is a need to convince consumers about the wonders of honeydews.

This year, Produce Moneyball forecasts FOB costs to mirror last summer at a consistent $2 discount. As you see, it is more affordable to cool down with honeydews as we move through the dog days of summer.

Stick with Produce Moneyball to stay in the know on all temperature moderation tips.

Mike Mauti, Managing Partner, Execulytics ConsultingMike Mauti, Managing Partner, Execulytics Consulting

Leading the Execulytics team, Mike brings more than 20 years of experience as a leader in the fresh foods industry. Over this time, Mike has gained expertise in retail operations, procurement, and merchandising. Specific skills around grocery retailing, particularly in produce buying and selling, make Mike a valuable partner for suppliers and independent retailers alike.

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