Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms Kicks Off Pristine™ Grape Season

Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms Kicks Off Pristine™ Grape Season

DELANO, CA - Right now, consumers could all use a little indulgence to give them a break from the challenges of the world. That is why when I heard that Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms are launching their prized Pristine™ grape season, I knew it would be the perfect luxurious snack for shoppers nationwide. All we need now are giant palm leaves to fan us through the rest of this summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. The flavorful grapes are once again hitting shelves, waiting for customers in the produce aisles.

Jack Campbell, Table Grape Grower/Shipper, Four Star Fruit“The team and I look forward to Pristine season each year,” said Jack Campbell, Table Grape Grower and Shipper. “Grown in the peak warm summer months of California, the climate brings all the flavor and sweetness to Pristine that consumers love.”

The coveted Pristine variety is known for its crisp, snappy texture that makes grapes so satisfying to bite into, and touts a sweet vanilla streak combined with a Granny Smith apple finish. According to a press release, the Pristine grape is a proprietary variety of Blanc Vineyards as a partnership with Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms, showing the versatility of the grape’s flavor profile.

Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms recently announced they are launching their prized Pristine™ grape season

Coupled with its high-flavor, Pristine grapes appeal to all generations of consumers with its satisfying texture and maintained firmness well after the harvest is completed. The variety is specially grown to keep its taste and remain fresh for shoppers long after they have picked them up from the produce section.

The season for these table grapes has already begun and will continue into December, leaving the holiday season primed for this sweet variety. They will be packaged in traditional pouch bags as well as in multi-weight clamshells to give a variety of options for retailers. Pristine grapes will continue to ship across the U.S. and countries around the world.

Pristine grapes live up to their name with their fresh flavor and crisp texture, so be sure to place your orders and give your customers a much-needed sweet treat.

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