GreenFruit Avocados Announces Merger with FrutiVal

GreenFruit Avocados Announces Merger with FrutiVal

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Directing its programs from Mexico to the U.S., and expanding to overseas markets throughout the year, GreenFruit Avocados has announced a new merger with Mexican grower and packer, FrutiVal. 

Brian Gomez, Vice President, GreenFruit Avocados

“I am extremely excited about the new partnership,”stated Brian Gomez, Vice President of GreenFruit Avocados. “Not only does this make us a direct grower and packer in Mexico, but it also enables us to customize programs for our clients in the USA and around the world.”  

A strong move in GreenFruit Avocados’ directional goals for growth within the U.S. and Asian markets, this merger makes the company a grower for both organic and conventional supply in Mexico as well.

As its consumption levels increase, Greenfruit says that this partnership provides a crucial supply of steady product to its customers.

FruitiVal's Packing Facility

FrutiVal gives Greenfruit access to a state-of-the-art packing facility in Uruapan, Michoacán that features separate packing lines for both the U.S. market and overseas markets. 

Yngacio Valerio, General Director, FrutiVal S.A. of C.A.“This alliance presents exciting new opportunities for our clients to obtain avocados directly from the grower,” said General Director at FrutiVal S.A. of C.A., Yngacio Valerio, in a press release. “GreenFruit clients can expect fresh fruit, and a fully compliant food safety program. We see a long, successful partnership with GreenFruit Avocados to provide our clientele with a service they can trust.” 

Greenfruit says that customers can expect more product volume and long-term fixed prices from the merger, as the company continues to research field cost and product quantities. 

More information on Greenfruit Avocados, and its merger with FrutiVal, can be found by contacting [email protected]

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