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GrubMarket Acquires Doorganics to Continue Its Nationwide Expansion

GrubMarket Acquires Doorganics to Continue Its Nationwide Expansion

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - GrubMarket initially hit our radar back in May when it acquired the San Diego-based produce supplier, VIP Wholesale. The e-commerce behemoth then caught our attention again when it scooped up the two West Coast companies, Golden Greek Fresh and Happy Farm Produce in October. Then, as if it were moving at warp speed, GrubMarket completed yet another acquisition, this time bringing in the Michigan-based farm-to-table delivery service Doorganics. Needless to say, the up-and-comer piqued our interest once more, and we are eager to learn the secrets of its success.

Mike Xu, CEO, GrubMarket"Doorganics is one of the premier farm-to-table grocery delivery services in the Midwest, consisting of a well-respected and highly-regarded team. This acquisition is another key step in GrubMarket's nationwide expansion plans, and we are incredibly excited to welcome Mike Hughes and his team into the GrubMarket family," said GrubMarket CEO, Mike Xu.

Newly-acquired Doorganics will retain its current leadership team

According to a press release, Doorganics will now be able to leverage GrubMarket's established e-commerce network and supply chain capabilities, which will assist the company in expanding its offerings to more cities across the Midwest. Furthermore, GrubMarket will provide technological, e-commerce, and operational expertise. Doorganics' headquarters will remain in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the company will continue to be led by its current leadership team, including Founder Mike Hughes.

Mike Hughes, Founder, Doorganics"GrubMarket believes in the importance of supporting local farmers and producers, while recognizing the essential role that technology can play in food e-commerce. We look forward to working with the GrubMarket team to further enhance and expand our service across the Midwest," said Hughes.

GrubMarket has acquired a number of companies recently in its nationwide expansion plans

Doorganics' mission is to support local Michigan farmers, food makers, and artisans, by hand-delivering products to customers' front doors. In particular, the company sources as many items as possible from within the State of Michigan, including a variety of delicious foods from small local farmers and foodmakers who might not have the scale to obtain shelf space at larger grocery stores. From a business perspective, Doorganics caters to residential customers, by offering them hundreds of items that they can enjoy on their own or with their families.

Although we can’t predict what the innovative e-commerce company will do next, there’s no doubt in our minds that GrubMarket will soon be snapping up more companies and incorporating them into the fold. To see how it all plays out, keep a tab open for AndNowUKnow.