Hendrick's Gin Announces "Whimsical Takeover" Of National Cucumber Day

Hendrick's Gin Announces "Whimsical Takeover" Of National Cucumber Day

NEW YORK, NY - National Cucumber Day, June 14th, is upon us produce fans, and if you work for a company that provides the refreshing produce-item, I would bet you this gin-soaked festival will be right up your alley. 

Hendrick's Gin, a cucumber-infused spirit itself, has declared it will be initiating a “whimsical-takeover” of both National Cucumber Day and the entire “cucumber celebration season.” For 44 days, beginning May 2nd, 2016, "All individuals prone to wonder, curiosity, and atypical acts of garnishment are advised to keep an eye on [Hendrick’s],” explained the company’s National Ambassador, Jim Ryan in a statement.


"The era of people thinking of the cucumber as an innocuous salad ingredient has ended," declared Ryan. "More than the core infusion of our liquid, the cucumber is central to our worldview as a most unusual gin."   

So how exactly does Hendrick’s expect to take the cucumber from innocuous to “Most Unusual?” Well, one way to start is with 130-foot, “lighter-than-air miracle” known only as “The Flying Cucumber.” The Flying Cucumber is a massive dirigible airship, shaped, of course, just like the familiar produce item, which will be traveling from one coast of the U.S. to the next. 

The Flying Cucumber

Want ever more cucumber-y goodness as your new favorite cucumber-based holiday approaches? Additional festive happenings include: 

The Cucumber Festival of Wonder in New York City 

Taking place in June in New York City, the event will present “a cavalcade of cucumber-inspired marvels,” fascinating live spectacles, roaming cocktail contraptions, and more. 

Most Unusual Cucumber Day Contest

Enter to win a trip to the Festival along with other cucumber-themed prizes by posting a photograph of the “Unusual” on Instagram and Twitter with  #CucumberDayContest and #MostUnusual. 

Cucumber Cultivation Kits

To support at-home cucumber growing, complimentary Cucumber Cultivation Kits may be requested at CucumberDay.com

Cucumber Greeting Cards 

The gin-maker has designed its own line of customizable greeting cards that can be shared throughout the cucumber season. Design your card here

National Cucumber Day Hotline: 1-844-Q-CUMBER 

For all cucumber inquiries, Hendrick's Gin has established a round-the-clock Cucumber Day hotline.

Want to learn more about the cucumber extravaganza? Visit the Cucumber Day website at CucumberDay.com, and @HendricksGin on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to learn how to get involved.

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