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Jeff Trickett Shares Bejo Seeds New Produce Varieties

Jeff Trickett Shares Bejo Seeds New Produce Varieties

OCEANO, CA- Bejo Seeds is bringing a host of new varieties to market as we enter the spring months and the ever-growing demand for more differentiated and quality produce items increases. Bejo focuses on high-quality, hybrid varieties, which bring benefits to both grower/producers in the form of yield, disease resistance, uniformity, and high pack-out. These benefits are translated all the way to the consumer as well, through flavor, color, shelf life and overall eating experience.

Jeff Tricket, Sales and Marketing Director, Bejo Seeds

Jeff Trickett, Sales and Marketing Director, took a few minutes this week to share with me some of the innovation at work with Bejo and what proprietary products are now available for growers. A family owned, Dutch seed breeding and production company, Bejo operates via several “daughter” companies in various countries around the world. 

“We now have over 30 daughter companies and we market seed in over 100 countries,” Jeff says as we talk about the expanse of Bejo’s footprint. “The company only produces vegetables for both conventional and organic markets with 100% organically produced seed for the organic market. Our products are high quality hybrid varieties, which bring outstanding performance to both growers and producers.”

Jeff leads me through some of the latest seed innovations. Take the new PIRATE, granex-type, sweet onion, for example. This is a new flat sweet onion for the Vidalia market, primarily, and has been a top performer in the University of Georgia onion trials over the past five years. As well as a new favorite of the major growers in Vidalia during the past two seasons. 

“We are ramping up seed supply to meet demand, this is a terrific main season onion that produces 70% Jumbo and 30% Mediums. It has Pink Root resistance, strong tops and excellent skin retention. PIRATE ranks consistently at the top of its class for low pyruvates and sweetness…plus, has excellent holding and storage,” Jeff says.

Or check out the company’s new BLUSH variety onion. This pink long-day onion has excellent cooking qualities, and a very attractive internal structure and rings. Jeff shares that pink onions are not seen very often in the North American market, and Bejo feels the quality of this variety could help to introduce more pink onion consumption for retailers. The Blush onion will be marketed under the name Rosa Bella® Gourmet Pink Onion.

“We believe the onion category could use some new activity. The BLUSH variety produces good sizing, excellent skin and very good storage capabilities... it is an easy grower,” Jeff shares.

MOUNTAIN MAGIC® Tomato is another new favorite for Bejo. This cocktail tomato is a field-grown variety that produces a wonderful small cocktail size with great color, high sugar, and excellent flavor. Bejo is pursuing a branded packaged tomato program with this variety after a successful retail test was completed, activity is underway in the Mid-Atlantic region now. 

Jeff notes that this variety is a semi-indeterminate and makes a large plant that produces lots of tomatoes per vine…high yield. 

“Due to this plus, field growing vs. greenhouse, it is a very cost effective product for this segment,” he adds.

Last, but definitely not least, is the GUNMA Cabbage. This new addition is a unique, large “flat” shaped cabbage with an interior leaf formation that lends itself to easy processing of large “sheets” of cabbage that can be used for wraps, and more.

“We are working on a retail program for this item, to market ready-to-use gluten free veggie wraps; potentially a far healthier alternative to conventional wheat flour based wraps or tortilla’s in many applications,” he says.

Bejo does not produce any GMO seed and the products are 100% Non-GMO. Bejo Seeds, Inc. is the North American Daughter Company of Bejo Zaden operating in the U.S. and Canada. 

Bejo Seeds, Inc 

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