June Intelligent Oven Promises Precision and Sustainability

June Intelligent Oven Promises Precision and Sustainability

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - A modern appliance company has married together the demand for chef-prepared perfection and sustainability with a smart oven that offers more than your standard microwave.

San Francisco, CA-based June touts bringing intelligence to the tools of the kitchen, looking to up the cooking game for the ley chef with its cutting-edge Intelligent Oven.

Before I get into the high-tech reason why this particular appliance can cut energy use, let’s look into why it can help push produce in the consumer kitchen.

June’s Intelligent Oven logs meals for consumers, keeping photos and cooking stats of everything they make. According to the company, this is a strategy encouraged by nutritionists to adjust for a healthier diet. One less step consumers have to take in incorporating more fruits and veggies into their diet.

June Intelligent Oven Promises Precision and Sustainability

Another edge this auto-smart oven gives to help the produce industry is saving recipes, even adding them to the owner’s calendars. Linked up to the consumer’s wifi, this means that all the recipes the industry has created to inspire consumers to use their produce more, and more creatively, can be programmed into their kitchen appliance.

As for bringing more sustainability to the consumer kitchen, June reports that its Intelligent Oven cooks food faster and more efficiently, while using precision thermal engineering to use less energy than traditional ovens.

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“What do you get when you cook with precision sensors and more computing power than some laptops? More control, fewer surprises, and more enjoyable results than ever before,” the company states on its website of this metallic chef.

Unfortunately, the kitchen technology doesn’t seem to talk back like your smartphone or give any adorable beeps and expressions just yet, but if one more high-tech addition to the consumer household helps tip the scales ever-more in fresh produce’s favor, why not?

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