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Lidl Welcomes Suppliers to Establish Partnerships

Lidl Welcomes Suppliers to Establish Partnerships

SWEDEN - Last week, Lidl Sweden published a statement urging the country’s suppliers to connect with the retailer as it works to navigate COVID-19 concerns. Johan Augustsson, Head of Lidl Sweden, Robert Stekovic, Commercial Director, and Malin Laurén, Purchasing Director, addressed the industry in hopes of filling Lidl’s stores with more fresh produce and products. Through building new partnerships, the company hopes to support the food supply chain as a whole.

Malin Laurén, Purchasing Director, Lidl Sweden“We are in an extreme situation and it is important to both think new and act quickly. For a long time, we have had a great focus on developing the Swedish range, but the corona crisis has meant that we must act at a faster pace than before. I urge all farmers and producers in the country to contact me directly so that we can start a dialogue about possible cooperation,” said Laurén. “We want to help and secure Swedish food production.”

The statement goes on to explain that COVID-19 has placed increased strain on Sweden’s small businesses. To help ease that strain, Lidl is seeking out new collaborations with Sweden-based suppliers as all parties work to maintain a balance in the industry.

Lidl Sweden published a statement urging the country’s suppliers to connect with its team in order to build new partnerships and keep stores stocked with fresh produce and product

“We at Lidl now go out and urge you to contact us, in order to establish new partnerships and suppliers. Of course, we now want to contribute to the long-term, sustainable development of the Swedish food industry and to ensure the availability of food to the Swedish population. We also encourage other grocery retailers to do the same. Now we must work together to secure the future for Sweden's food producers,” the statement noted, according to news source Expressen.

How will this call to action bring new and innovative partnerships, across the buy- and supply-sides, to fruition around the world? No matter the case, we at AndNowUKnow are eager to find out.

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