Little to No Industry Impact Anticipated Post-Hurricane Nicole

Little to No Industry Impact Anticipated Post-Hurricane Nicole

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FLORIDA - All too soon, Florida saw another hurricane as Nicole made landfall last Thursday, heralded by waves and weather. While there were nationwide reports of power outages and infrastructure impacts on the coast of the state, friends in our industry assured me that they saw little disruption if any.

For buyers concerned of ripple effects in the coming days, rest assured any possible issues have now passed.

Charlie Eagle, Vice President of Business Development, Southern Specialties“We closed our facility on Wednesday so our employees could safeguard their homes and families from Nicole. Pompano Beach experienced heavy rains and winds, but the impact was not severe,” Charlie Eagle, Vice President of Business Development for Southern Specialties, reported, adding that the company opened up to better weather the following day.

Other suppliers echoed similar sentiments, with a handful of employees being among the 300,000 power outages reported by The Weather Channel Thursday. Eight thousand of those outages remained by Friday but looked to have been restored to normal after the weekend.

Hurricane Nicole made landfall last Thursday in Florida, and industry friends have reported impact was not severe with little disruption seen by growers

“We commenced mostly normal business, though some truckers were hampered either arriving or departing to their destinations depending on weather restrictions, but have now seen operations return to normal,” concluded Charlie.

As we continue to monitor patterns across all key growing areas, AndNowUKnow will report the latest.

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