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Sprouts Farmers Market Expands Partnership with Amazon

Sprouts Farmers Market Expands Partnership with Amazon

PHOENIX, AZ - With Amazon recently announcing its new futuristic brick and mortar concept, retailers may have been left wondering what the future of their partnerships with Amazon delivery will be. For growing specialty grocer Sprouts Farmers Market, it looks like the future is looking brighter than ever—announcing an expansion into two new locations and an overall strengthened relationship.

Brad Lukow, CFO, Sprouts Farmers Markets

“We're in discussions with Amazon on how we can expand this partnership that's mutually beneficial to both of us,” Brad Lukow, Sprouts’ Chief Financial Officer shared in a call to investors. “We're seeing good incremental volumes in the stores that we've launched. And we're continuing to talk to Amazon about how we deepen our partnership.”

Sprouts now offers Amazon delivery in nine stores in four markets in two states, including Dallas, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Not only does this expansion get Sprouts to a new customer base it might not have otherwise appealed to, grocery delivery has typically been a way to tap into the millennial buying sector—one that Sprouts has been eyeing through its use of new technologies.

Those investments have seemed to be paying off, as well, with its number of digital customers online reaching more than 3 million. Lukow shared that the company’s plans reside in increased engagement through e-mails, social media, and the Sprouts app.

Amin Maredia, CEO, Sprouts Farmers Market

“On the infrastructure front, our technology and infrastructure priorities for scale are progressing very well. I'm pleased with the foundation our newly formed business intelligence team is building,” CEO Amin Maredia shared in a press release. “We have put some of our best resources at the company in this area and our priorities are fully aligned with our overall business plan. We look forward to leveraging this platform in the future to better understand our customer preferences and enhancing overall customer experience, engagement, and loyalty.”

With Sprouts doubling down on its commitments to both its Amazon partnership and tech-focused infrastructure, it’s not hard to imagine that we’ll be seeing big things from the company come 2017. As always, AndNowUKnow will be breaking the latest to you.

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