Starbucks Brings Avocado Toast to Coffee Fiends Nationwide

Starbucks Brings Avocado Toast to Coffee Fiends Nationwide

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UNITED STATES – No passing fad, avocado toast is going down in the books as a lasting flavor profile for U.S. consumers, and I am thrilled. An avid lover of both toast and avocados, one of my favorite conglomerations is now available at Starbucks nationwide for easy access and avo-loving.

Officially a part of the Starbucks menu at participating locations, the Organic Avocado Spread boasts a value-added guacamole option for patrons looking for another taste to round out their bagels or baked goods.

Starbucks stated in a press release that the spread consists of fresh, organic Hass avocados, along with sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño peppers, and lime juice to further uplift the creamy tastes of avocados. 

The noted coffee hub is making the addictive taste of avos available to everyday consumers for an accessible price that is circulating around one dollar. The selection was launched as part of the chain's new spring-focused menu additions.

Eager to pair the pre-packaged avos for yourself with an iced coffee? Visit a participating location now for your own taste.

Is avocado toast destined to grace the menus of other popular foodservice providers? AndNowUKnow will report as soon as we find out.