SunSelect Shipping its First Ever California-Grown Tomatoes

SunSelect Shipping its First Ever California-Grown Tomatoes

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TEHACHAPI, CA – Canadian greenhouse grower SunSelect is shipping its first ever California-grown tomatoes out of its new 32-acre greenhouse.

The new state-of-the-art facility will produce sweet bell peppers year-round and cocktail and traditional tomatoes-on-the-vine.  According to a press release, this facility makes SunSelect the only large-scale greenhouse grower in California to produce peppers in the winter.

“We chose Tehachapi for a few reasons, including the high light levels to promote uniform plant growth, the plentiful water and low humidity,” said SunSelect Co-Owner Victor Krahn. “And because the temperature in this valley is lower than surrounding areas, it is naturally free of many pests.”

With the first product ready to ship from the new greenhouse, construction on a second Tehachapi facility is already underway.

“We have started building an additional 32 acres, which will double our current size and significantly increase our year-round pepper volume,” said Len Krahn, SunSelect Co-Owner. Peppers grown in this second phase will be available in late 2015.

Check out this video from the company:

The company’s tomatoes-on-the-vine will be available by the end of October, and peppers will be ready about a week later.  They will be shipped throughout the U.S., but the sustainability strategy focuses on the local California market.

“We are launching a new series of packaging that emphasizes the California origin of our new items,” Victor said, noting that the iconic California bear is featured on the packs. “We anticipate that a considerable amount of our early product will be sold here, and we are eager to build a local following.”

This new greenhouse has expanded SunSelect’s partnership with The Oppenheimer Group, which invested in the facility.  Aaron Quon, Greenhouse and Vegetable Category Director for The Oppenheimer Group,  SunSelect’s marketing partner, spoke on the impact the new facility could have.

“This is an important step in the evolution of the North American greenhouse category,” he said. “With SunSelect, we will be the first to offer U.S.-grown greenhouse sweet bell peppers year round. And with the addition of TOVs and cocktail tomatoes―combined with SunSelect’s BC production of peppers and cucumbers―we can deliver a full basket of high-demand items to our customers from SunSelect any day of the year.”

Congratulations on this new facility, SunSelect.



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