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Trader Joe's Eyes Little Rock, Arkansas, For New Location

Trader Joe's Eyes Little Rock, Arkansas, For New Location

LITTLE ROCK, AR - What Trader Beaus want, Trader Beaus get. As one of the fiercest fanbases around—not even state lines can divide this group of loyal followers—the Trader Beaus, the uncoined name for Trader Joe’s shoppers, have finally received what they’ve been rallying for: a Trader Joe’s store in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that spokeswoman Kenya Friend-Daniel confirmed that Trader Joe’s is in fact considering Little Rock as a possible market for a new store. This would up its nationwide store count from its current 475. While no specific locations or plans were revealed pertaining to what would be Trader Joe’s first store in Arkansas, the fact that the niche grocer is even looking into the market is a positive sign for Trader Beaus and grocery shoppers in the Natural State.

Trader Joe's is considering a new Little Rock, Arkansas location

According to a report by The Arkansas 100, over 6,000 Little Rock-based shoppers have been requesting an Arkansas location for a while. The shoppers even created a Facebook page titled “Bring Trader Joe’s to Little Rock, AR,” where many detailed treks to Germantown, Tennessee, just to fulfill their Trader Joe’s needs.

Will Trader Joe’s lock down a location for its first Arkansas store in 2019? And what other new markets could the grocer be eyeing? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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