Western Growers Unveils "Water for Farms" Video Series in Association With the California Farm Water Coalition

Western Growers Unveils "Water for Farms" Video Series in Association With the California Farm Water Coalition

IRVINE, CA - Driving along the freeways in California, signs remind residents of the severity of the ongoing drought, urging us to conserve water—in other words, it is something on everyone's mind. As the unrelenting challenge continues to increase, Western Growers (WG) is highlighting the significant impacts on Golden State farmers through five short documentary videos that give first-hand accounts of the historic drought.

These videos are now available online and feature stories from industry names, including:

  • HMC Farms, detailing how the grower ripped out 100 acres of plum trees this year, which represents the annual consumption of one million Americans
  • Booth Ranches, describing how almost 90 percent of the fresh oranges we buy in-store come from California, and this year, Booth Ranches has already pulled out 100 acres of healthy orange trees, with potentially more on the way
  • Del Bosque Farms, which has cut back on cantaloupe production by 15 percent. That represents 3 million lbs of cantaloupes gone from your grocery store shelves
  • Woolf Farming, sharing how it has cut back its tomato production by 50 percent this year

Western Growers produced these videos in association with the California Farm Water Coalition (CFWC), a release explained. They can be viewed in their entirety now on the Western Growers YouTube channel and will be rolled out across the WG And CFWC social platforms throughout the next month.

As associations continue to raise awareness of the issues caused by drought and the impacts on consumers, stick with AndNowUKnow for updates and actions.

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