Sun World Opens Brazilian Office and Appoints New Licensing Manager

Sun World Opens Brazilian Office and Appoints New Licensing Manager

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Sun World International LLC, a leading variety development and licensing company, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Brazilian office to build support for licensees in this important region. Andrea Pavesi, who has already been working with Sun World for the past 12 years, has been appointed Licensing Manager for Brazil. Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and has substantial experience in working for Unilever before setting up his own farming business growing mangos, grapes, and other annual crops in Petrolina.

Garth Swinburn, Vice President of Licensing, Sun World International“We are looking to further strengthen our business in South America, and we are pleased to appoint Andrea to further corroborate and strengthen relationships with our Brazilian licensees," Garth Swinburn, VP of Licensing, said. "We care about the success of our licensees, and therefore we are also dedicated to bolstering our technical support in the region."

Earlier this year Sun World announced the opening of its Peruvian office, appointing Pablo Ramirez, Licensing Manager for Peru, and appointing Daniel Desmartis, Licensing Manager for Chile.

Following the opening of its new Brazilian office, Sun World International appointed Andrea Pavesi to Licensing Manager for Brazil

Key Sun World varieties are marketed under various grape varietal brands such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, SOPHIA SEEDLESS®, and SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®.

Sun World International is a global variety development and licensing business. Sun World’s mission is to drive growth of fruit breeding, varietal development, and licensing. The California-based company has a network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, and South Africa.

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