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Pure Flavor Introduces its New Living Lettuce

Pure Flavor Introduces its New Living Lettuce


LEAMINGTON, ON - For crisp, always fresh lettuce when you need it, Pure Flavor is launching its all-new Living Lettuce product. Debuting in three varieties, including Boston Green, Boston Red, and Spring Mix, Living Lettuce allows consumers to nourish and grow lettuce indoors.  

By having the lettuce still growing in its nutrient rich growing medium, the shelf life can increase by over seven days versus traditional lettuce, and provides the consumer a more crisp lettuce for their salads, sandwiches, wraps and much more.

Everything from the lettuce to the growing medium is 100% compostable, and consumers can also recycle the innovative bouquet-shaped packaging.

Simply remove the outer plastic bag, place the growing block on a plate, and hydrate the block with one cup of water every five days. Leaves can be cut at the base of the stem for fresh, tender lettuce.

There’s no need to refrigerate it, and no matter when it’s eaten, it’s going to be just as fresh from the day it’s purchased to the day it’s consumed.  

It is most ideal to merchandise the living lettuce along with other greenhouse grown vegetables items. This will help emphasize the greenhouse category, which can also demonstrate no refrigeration is necessary.

If you’d like to see your product in this segment, please send samples to 2020 L Street, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95811.

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