15 Veggie Aphrodisiacs to Help Set the Mood

15 Veggie Aphrodisiacs to Help Set the Mood

There are almost no limits when it comes to love. From ground rhino horns, to strange flowers and carved statues placed under your pillow, the search for maximizing the passion of a relationship is one that spans over history... and industries. 

Here is a look at fifteen versatile veggies that can make any dish exciting and now we know, according to Healthy Food Mind, can also help set the mood...

1. Artichokes

It’s not always what you eat, but how you eat it. The French prepare artichokes, then alternate dipping them in sauce and feeding them to their significant others leaf by leaf. 

2. Asparagus

This particular veggie is filled with Vitamin E, otherwise known as the “fertility vitamin.” Vitamin E stimulates the hormones that are credited to helping with a healthy love life, in all senses of the word.

3. Carrot

The carrot is considered a classic on the list of fire-starting foods, evidently since the 1600s. High in Vitamin A, as well as beta carotene, this root is said to feed an erotic appetite.

4. Celery

Long referred to as the “herbal Viagra,” the celery aroma contains a male hormone called androsterone that female hormones feed off of. And we’ll leave it at that.

5. Cress

Coveted by the Egyptians and Romans, Cress has a hot, spicy flavor said to create equally spicy reactions in those that consume it.

6. Cucumber

“Cool as a cucumber” is not necessarily accurate according to a study by a few curious scientists in the Chicago area. Not only is the cucumber high in water content, therefore able to keep you energized and rejuvenated, but it also evidently increases blood flow by about 13 percent. 

7. Eggplant

From the Ottoman Empire to present-day Turkey, this is a crucial vegetable to know how to cook for any couples looking to add to their family. It is said this was served to sultans daily to help produce heirs.

8. Mushrooms

Rich in Vitamin D and antioxidants, mushrooms have a long history of symbolizing all things passionate and affiliated with love. From symbolizing marriage to forbidden love, this vegetable has a more controversial and sexy history than Days of Our Lives.

9. Onions

Known for increasing circulation, onions have been acknowledged as a powerful aphrodisiac for several hundred years in numerous cultures.

10. Peppers

Evidently you can be what you eat, at least emotionally. According to scientists, the spice on your tongue triggered by peppers releases a “happy hormone” that leads to other spicy thoughts as well.

11. Tomatoes

Also known as the “apple of love,” women used to refuse to eat tomatoes as a display of virtue. The red meat and how it is eaten is also perceived as sensual and promotes voluptuousness. You will never see salads the same way again.

12. Garlic

This particular food comes with a written rule- that you and your partner are to eat this together. This, of course, promotes togetherness and helps both of you to be on the same level. 

13. Beans

These little trouble makers were banned by the monastery of St. Jerome so as not to cause any unwelcome desires. Luckily for you and your significant other, they are very welcome and permitted now.

14. Rice

There is actually a reason why this was traditionally tossed at weddings. Rice is a symbol of many healthy offspring and is a staple in Chinese love culture. And they have the population to prove it.

15. Truffles

The scent is said to be similar to male pheromones, therefore inspiring the same desires. However, they are rare and come with a warning label; small quantities only.

While this is not an exact science, there is nothing wrong with adding a little more produce to your diet. Cook together, share in the experience, and enjoy.