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Amazon to Create 1 Million Jobs in India

Amazon to Create 1 Million Jobs in India

INDIA - The game of tug-of-war is one produce advocates up and down the supply chain know well in the battle for market share. In India, this tug-of-war competition appears to be strictly between Amazon and Walmart, who have both made major moves to capture the region for their own bottom lines. This month, Amazon is gaining ground after announcing plans to create one million jobs in India by 2025.

According to a report from Nasdaq, Amazon’s efforts in the India market have already accumulated over 700,000 jobs in the past six years. The new wave of employment opportunities will support Amazon’s growth in the region and will span the e-tailer’s business ventures, including retail, content creation, and manufacturing.

Amazon has announced plans to create one million jobs in India by 2025

The news source notes that this strategy will strengthen the performance of Amazon’s Indian business unit, which is already receiving a billion-dollar boost after CEO Jeff Bezos announced the e-tail giant will be building digital centers in 100 cities and villages across India—a move that very well could expand its seller base and product offerings.

How will Amazon use this expansion to keep fresh produce at the top of its bottom-line drivers? AndNowUKnow will continue to bring only the freshest industry news to your inbox.