Amazon Introduces New Wickedly Prime Private Label

Amazon Introduces New Wickedly Prime Private Label

SEATTLE, WA - Amazon continued its push into the private label business this month, and unveiled the company’s latest brand: Wickedly Prime.

Wickedly Prime is the company’s first major push into perishable foods, according to news source Tech Crunch. The new brand is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members, similar in its brand offerings to retailers like Trader Joe’s, and targeted toward foodies.

The label will provide snack offerings like popcorn, tortilla chips, and soft shell almonds available in a variety of flavors.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in the year that exclusive items like nuts, spices, tea, coffee, baby food, vitamins, and other household items will appear under the brand name Wickedly Prime, as well as others like Mama Bear and Happy Belly over the course of 2016 and 2017.

Wickedly Prime is different from Amazon’s previous forays into private label business, because the brand explicitly embraces its Amazon affiliation. Previous private label ventures have hidden their affiliation with Amazon, with their labels stating “AFS Brands LLC.”  

The Wickedly Prime line’s packaging features Amazon’s “Prime” name, the brand’s iconic smile logo, and product packages that state: “Distributed by Amazon Fulfillment Services.”

The products on the Wickedly Prime label are part of a slow roll out, and Amazon has seen only modest income from the initial offerings of products, according to news source One Click Retail. But, robust growth is expected. Happy Belly, a previous Amazon private label venture, saw sales of its nuts and trail mixes grow from $20,000 to $265,000 thanks to clever holiday promotions in November and December.

With rumors abounding after Amazon unveiled its Amazon Go store concept last month, could this new private label signify another step toward the company building a grocery empire? Will this new endeavor into private label include fresh produce?

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