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Bland Farms Celebrates 75th Birthday; Troy Bland and Sloan Lott Discuss

Bland Farms Celebrates 75th Birthday; Troy Bland and Sloan Lott Discuss

GLENNVILLE, GA - Picture this: festive decorations, balloons, bounce houses, and games surround the cabin where Bland Farms’ founders once lived. Use your imagination and you just might be transported to the onion grower’s 75th birthday celebration. Gathered with their families and friends at Raymond and Rubye Jean Bland’s former home, employees were each celebrated with a certificate of appreciation in addition to a pin commemorating their years of service.

Troy Bland, Chief Executive Officer, Bland Farms“It’s been an incredible and humbling experience working alongside my father to take my grandfather, Raymond Bland’s vision beyond what I think even he could imagine. We started as a seasonal business and have grown into a multinational operation, forging partnerships in Peru and Mexico. It’s an exciting time for us, and as we continue the momentum with new business opportunities, we look toward the future with a continued commitment to the environment, our employees, and the industry,” says Troy Bland, Chief Executive Officer.

Established in 1948 in Glennville, Georgia, Bland Farms now boasts 2,000 acres of Vidalia® onions domestically, 660 hectares in Peru, and 400 hectares in Mexico, representing roughly one-quarter of the entire Vidalia sweet onion volume.

Bland Farms recently hosted its 75th birthday celebration, honoring its employees with a certificate of appreciation and a pin commemorating their years of service

According to a press release, Bland Farms continues to stay true to its roots and values: exceptional customer service, dedication to its employees, and a commitment to sustainability and responsible farming.

Sloan Lott, Director of Sales, Bland Farms“Raymond and Rubye Jean laid the foundation for what Bland Farms is today, and I think the reason the company has been so successful is that Delbert and Troy continue with those traditions and values. They truly care about their employees, customers, and the environment. Seeing everyone come out to celebrate the farm’s 75th birthday speaks to the impact Bland Farms has on our community and the produce industry,” says Sloan Lott, Director of Sales.

Cheers to Bland Farms’ recent milestone!

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Headquartered in Glennville, Georgia, Bland Farms is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of sweet onions in the United...