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California Table Grape Commission's Kathleen Nave Explains New Research Findings That Vitamin K and Flavonoids are Beneficial Against COVID-19

California Table Grape Commission's Kathleen Nave Explains New Research Findings That Vitamin K and Flavonoids are Beneficial Against COVID-19

FRESNO, CA - With the entire globe hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, exciting new research has emerged that shows how products from our own fresh produce industry could play an important role in recovery. As Kathleen Nave, President of the California Table Grape Commission, explains, vitamin K and flavonoid compounds found in fresh grapes could help treat those suffering from COVID-19.

Kathleen Nave, President, California Table Grape Commission“Anything that may help offset the negative impact of this devastating virus is worth knowing, so the findings that natural components found in grapes—vitamin K and certain flavonoids—may play a beneficial role in the fight is worth sharing,” said Nave. “These recent findings add to the substantial body of research built over 20 years indicating that eating fresh grapes can have significant positive effects on long-term health.”

The recent study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, a scientific journal, found that inadequate vitamin K levels were associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients, according to a press release. As vitamin K sources in the body depleted during treatment, researchers discovered adverse consequences to patients’ lungs.

Giumarra Vineyards’ Director of East Coast Operations Mike Rodgers also commented on why this study is important to table grape suppliers.

Mike Rodgers, Director of East Coast Operations, Giumarra Vineyards“This is great news! As an industry, we should do anything we can to encourage all people to live healthy by incorporating meaningful amounts of fruits and vegetables into their daily diets,” commented Rodgers in a statement sent to ANUK. “We’ve known that grapes are a healthy, convenient snack, but in light of the severity of the COVID-19 virus, it is fantastic to learn of these additional benefits that come with eating table grapes. Hopefully this information gets to the general public so they can realize the upside to eating grapes every day.”

Vitamin K is found in abundance in fresh grapes and is critical in the bodily process of blood clotting. If levels of the nutrient are low, there is a greater chance for blood clots to form.

California Table Grape Commission shared recent research and data suggesting that vitamin K and certain flavonoids, both found in fresh grapes, could help those suffering from COVID-19

While COVID-19 starts as a respiratory infection, vitamin K also helps with inhibiting soft tissue calcification and elastic fiber degradation which could cause harm to the integrity of lung tissue. In addition, vitamin K has anti-inflammatory properties which benefit those fighting the illness.

Alongside vitamin K, other research has concluded that flavonoid compounds found in grapes as well as green tea, cacao, and dark chocolate can help in the fight against COVID-19 by inhibiting an enzyme involved in the infectivity of the virus and can inhibit its actions.

As research continues to emerge, AndNowUKnow will continue to explore fresh produce’s role in fighting the virus as well as other updates from across the industry.

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