Driscoll’s® Jumps on Braspberry Craze with Social Media Fun

Driscoll’s® Jumps on Braspberry Craze with Social Media Fun

WATSONVILLE, CA - Some things never change—and my love for Justin Timberlake is just one of those things. If JT says “try this,” you try it, and more than likely, a rippling effect commences. Before you know it, the whole world is singing at a half-time show for the Super Bowl—no? Was that a dream? Nevertheless, the event of the hour is braspberries, Justin’s latest affinity, which is a delicious blueberry encased in a vibrant raspberry for a pop of flavor that combines two of our favorite summertime snacks.

In an exclusive chat, Driscoll’s® Director of Marketing and Global Brand Lead Frances Dillard tipped me off that this trend may be popping up in produce aisles throughout the country. While she can’t divulge too many details on this new berry product launch around the corner, she tells me that all eyes are on the company’s social media that announced the new berry flavor combo and will have consumers singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” with motivation to get on JT’s level. The Instagram and Twitter-debuting posts show Driscoll’s pretty produce partnered up together with the hashtags #FinestBerries, #NewProduct, and #NewProductAlert. In China, Driscoll’s announced the product launch on Weibo. The company plans for some Facebook fun next, to keep end consumers engaged and excited about the must-have produce combo.

Frances Dillard, Director of Marketing, Global Brand Lead, Driscoll's“We’re going to be doing braspberry product deliveries for those engaged in the conversation online through social media and influencers,” Frances says to me. “Justin Timberlake has created the #braspberry craze, and it was logical that the berry market leader would innovate the opportunity. Driscoll’s commands 90 percent market share of raspberries and is the trusted brand for all fresh berries. Driscoll’s focus on flavor comes from its dedication in R&D and creating proprietary berries.

Influencers are not the only ones gravitating toward the promising produce possibility the pop star loves. This is all part of a marketing strategy that will make business numbers sing, Frances tells me.

The photo that Justin Timberlake liked on the Driscoll's Instagram

“We’re going to have one or two more teases coming down the pipeline to drum up excitement around the flavor combination,” she explains. “We are going to have some fun riding this wave that Justin Timberlake has created. It makes sense for us to jump in and become part of the conversation that is happening. We have one of the largest social media followings in the produce industry. The highlight of our day—a thumbs up Instagram LIKE from Justin himself.

Will Driscoll’s launch a new kind of product line, inspired by the wave of interest that the innovative singer created? Whether it makes its way to the shelves or stops at this PR opportunity, Driscoll’s is taking the stage by storm and creating an excitement that puts produce front and center.


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