Foxy Produce Reignites Partnership with Brooke Shields

Foxy Produce Reignites Partnership with Brooke Shields

SALINAS, CA - The Nunes Company is reigniting a partnership that dates back to 1989, returning actress and model Brooke Shields to her rightful place as role model and icon of wellness, fitness, and healthy lifestyles for the company’s brand. This reunion with Shields is the company's latest marketing campaign to encourage people of all ages to eat right and take care of their health—a core attribute of The Nunes Company.

Tom Nunes, Jr., President, The Nunes Company.“Our partnership with Brooke Shields not only provides our company with great publicity, it is also an effective differentiator by adding value to our amazing retail partners across the United States. By increasing our brand recognition, we hope to encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables among all generations. We could not be more pleased with the opportunities this partnership brings to the Foxy brand,” said Tom Nunes, Jr., President.

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Rolling out this July and running through June of 2019, The Nunes Company’s latest marketing campaign will include trade advertising and a series of billboards throughout the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Great Lakes region that target millennial parents, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, according to a press release.

Brooke Shields, Actress, Model, and SpokespersonAfter working with Shields in 1989 and considering the successful campaign a legacy—something many still remember 30 years later, the company noted—The Nunes Company felt this year was the right time to reengage such a public role model, whose work surrounding health, fitness, and beauty is recognizable and appeared in the likes of The Today Show, Vogue, and Social Life Magazine.

The company also said that mothers account for nearly 80 percent of U.S. household purchases, according to Forbes, making Shields a great figure to relate to.

“Ms. Shields, being an active, working mom, is an ideal role model and brand ambassador for the Foxy brand,” said Mark Crossgrove, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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