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Giorgio Fresh's Greg Sagan Discusses New Shredded Portabella Product

Giorgio Fresh's Greg Sagan Discusses New Shredded Portabella Product

TEMPLE, PA - For a year that has undergone so many changes, it’s no surprise the months have flown by. As we enter into October, the changes keep coming—but for good reason. New products abound around every corner, especially as the industry prepares for Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Fresh Summit next week. Giorgio Fresh is one such company, whose most recent product, the Shredded Portabella Mushroom, is going to stir up buyer support.

Greg Sagan, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Giorgio Fresh“This product comes in two flavorful sauces, barbecue and sriracha, which delivers on the flavor trends that consumers are looking for,” explained Greg Sagan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Since the Shredded Portabella Mushroom is ready to cook, this provides an easy meal solution for busy shoppers.”

Vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based to boot, the Shredded Portabella Mushrooms highlight ways in which they are enjoyed right on the package. The sriracha flavor in a rice bowl? The barbecue in a lettuce wrap or potato topping? The possibilities are endless.

Giorgio Fresh's newest product line, Shedded Portabella Mushrooms, comes in both barbecue and sriracha

Giorgio Fresh will also be highlighting its Savory Wild, a plant-based snacking solution, and two new flavors of its Stuffed Mushrooms.

“We wanted to know what happened when one of the planet’s most sustainable foods was paired with some of the most bold, beautiful, and authentic flavor combinations from around the world,” Greg noted. “The result is our hand-crafted Portabella mushroom jerky snack packed with nutrients and bursting with a savory umami flavor. Savory Wild is made with whole food ingredients—nothing artificial and no preservatives! It is naturally gluten-free, low in calories and fat, and packed with fiber, protein, and the antioxidant-rich mineral Selenium.”

The Shredded Portabella Mushrooms come with recipe ideas right on the packaging, so consumers never run out of applications

The Stuffed Mushrooms, which blend convenience with off-the-charts flavor, has two new additions to the line: Buffalo Blue Cheese and Mediterranean and Cheese.

Too much good stuff? Impossible, says the Giorgio team. Be sure to connect with the team virtually at the Marketplace page!

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