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Impossible Burger Debuts New Recipe

Impossible Burger Debuts New Recipe

REDWOOD CITY, CA - The Impossible Burger is seeking to do—you guessed it—the impossible. Vegetarians and flexitarians alike are already sold on the company's meatless wonder, so it now has its eyes on those of us who want a burger that eats like a real one.

The latest Impossible Burger can be cooked so that it is juicy and red in the middle

Announcing its newest version of the original meatless burger, Impossible Burger wants the latest version of the sought-after product to eat, taste, and feel like a beef patty. According to a report from CNN Business, the latest Impossible Burger can be cooked so that it is juicy and red in the middle, a feat that the last burger didn’t completely accomplish. The texture, which isn’t uniform and contains small chunks, is similar to real beef as well.

David Lipman, Chief Science Officer, Impossible Foods“The mission of the company really is to eliminate the need for animals in the food system,” David Lipman, Impossible Foods’ Chief Science Officer, stated. “We’re not going to get there by telling people to eat beans and peas and stuff like that. We have to come up with a plant-based meat that people will actually choose instead of beef.”

With this in mind, it certainly seems as though Impossible Burger is well on its way to getting meat-lovers to take a bite of something they might deem impossible to like. Who else is eager to try one?

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