Kirschenman Enterprises Details Organic Table Grape Expansion Amid Commitment to Customers

Kirschenman Enterprises Details Organic Table Grape Expansion Amid Commitment to Customers

LAMONT, CA - When it comes to delivering value to its customers, Kirschenman Enterprises Inc. has nearly 85 years of experience at its back. Based in California's Southern San Joaquin Valley, the grower/packer/shipper earned its place as a reliable retail partner, learning and growing alongside them. I spoke with several members of the Kirschenman team to find out all I could.

Jonathan Wittus, Export Manager, Kirschenman Enterprises Inc."Our harvest timing is early, allowing our customers to transition from the desert regions to California's San Joaquin Valley. This is an essential supply bridge, ensuring that retail programs do not see any gaps. Kirschenman has a full line of red, green, and black grape varieties throughout the entire season and specializes on the early end," noted Jonathan Wittus, Export Manager.

I also spoke with Wayde Kirschenman, President, who imparted an important takeaway.

Wayde Kirschenman, President, Kirschenman Enterprises Inc."Kirschenman yields an unwavering commitment to the needs of our customers. One such way the company is doing this is by increasing its organic grape production," he explained.

Raymond Garcia, Business Development Manager, also remarked on the ways in which this move is beneficial to Kirschenman's partners.

Raymond Garcia, Business Development Manager, Kirschenman Enterprises Inc."We are committed to increasing our organic grape production to 25 percent of our total availability," Raymond noted. "We couldn't think of a better way to be an advantage for our clients who are looking for a source of early organic grapes from the San Joaquin Valley. We made the commitment to grow our program, and now after four years of developing vineyards, we have the supply to satisfy the needs of our clients."

Alistair Wittus, Export Sales, noted a key part of the program's advantage for buyers.

"We are flexible on packaging needs and also have a full lineup of conventional grapes to go with our organic availability," Wittus remarked.


In addition to its table grapes, Kirschenman also offers organic and conventional watermelons; tree fruit; and red, white, and yellow potatoes.

As we continue to plumb the depths of this company's expertise across a variety of categories, be sure to keep reading us here at AndNowUKnow.

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