See This Giant Vegetable Grower's 120 Pound Cabbage and 45 Inch-Long Zucchini

See This Giant Vegetable Grower's 120 Pound Cabbage and 45 Inch-Long Zucchini

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WALES - Meet the man who casually grows 45-inch-long zucchinis, 120 pound cabbages, and broke the world record for the heaviest cucumber—Phillip Vowles. Raised in a family of 13, Vowles is no stranger to having many mouths to feed, so of course the next logical step was to grow massive veggies. 

Phillip Vowles, World Record Vegetable Grower“Big vegetables feed big families,” the Welsh veggie savant tells news source Great Big Story. “There’s a lot of love and care that goes into it.” 

Having been growing giant veggies for the past 30 years, Vowles broke his first world record 25 years ago. The award winner was a 18.5 pound cucumber, for which he still proudly displays the trophy for. Other veggies Vowles prides himself on are his 100 pound cucumber and 120 pound cabbage, the latter of which he says can feed up to 140 people at his local pub. 

“I’ve developed my own strain more or less now. I select my own seed every year—the biggest and the best seed—and it just seems to be improving.”

Besides his seed secret weapons, another tip Vowles offers to those looking to grow on a massive scale is to have a chat with your crops. But maybe don’t mention that to his wife. 

“I’ve got to be very careful, the wife is not about when I start talking to my vegetables,” he whispers, “but it's all good fun.”

Want to see the talented, and might I mention, adorable, Mr. Vowles for youself? Watch Great Big Story’s interview with him above.