Shark Tank Investors Spend $400K On An All-Avocado Restaurant

Shark Tank Investors Spend $400K On An All-Avocado Restaurant

NEW YORK, NY - The cultural avocado invasion has now reached the depths of Shark Tank, with ABC’s high profile investors going gaga over ANUK article regular Avocaderia. Alessandro Biggi, the Modena, Italy-native and Owner of Avocaderia took to the tank in an episode of the hit show that aired earlier this week.

As we’ve previously reported, the Brooklyn-based, millennial-pandering eatery tackles such well-loved chartreuse dishes as guacamole and avocado toast, to more globally-inspired dishes such as shichimi from Japan and duqqa from Egypt. According to Eater, Biggi was able to show the Sharks earnings of $75,000 in just January alone, and estimates of $4.3 million in earnings for next year. And now, with ambitions to expand Avocaderia into 20 locations in the New York area and locales beyond, the avocado mogul shot for the fences with an offer of 10 percent equity in his company for the low-low price of $300,000—with a snack of Mediterranean avocado toast to sweeten the pot.

How did that go over with the notoriously difficult-to-please cast?

As a testament to the power of the avocado, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban teamed up to give Biggi a pretty delicious counter-offer, according to The New York Post, and after just a little haggling, the new business partners settled on a $300,000 for 25 percent of the business.

Now that’s something to dip your chip into.