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South Essex Fabricating Announces Partnership With Robovision; Peter Quiring and Jonathan Berte Discuss

South Essex Fabricating Announces Partnership With Robovision; Peter Quiring and Jonathan Berte Discuss

LEAMINGTON, ON - Technological advancements are constantly catapulting our industry forward, and today is no different. Peter Quiring, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of South Essex Fabricating (SEF), recently met with Jonathan Berte, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Robovision, to finalize the details of a partnership between the two companies. The new partnership agreement will pave the way for the research and development of enhanced AI robotics and deep-learning software specific to the agriculture industry.

Peter Quiring, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, South Essex Fabricating“Over the next few years, we will see the horticulture industry rapidly shift toward an automated, data-driven system—not designed to take away from industry jobs, but instead to remove the mundane processes attributed to many of the day-to-day growing functions,” Quiring stated. “Simply, AI advancements will give us a greater output both in quality and quantity without changing the natural elements throughout the growing process.”

According to a press release, the collaboration will position both companies at the forefront of their industries by combining high-tech machines backed with AI capabilities to standardize and regulate labor-intensive tasks. SEF has over 20 years of horticulture experience and will optimize Robovision’s unique capabilities to develop advanced robotics and algorithmic software.

Jonathan Berte, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Robovision“This partnership is a great match, as South Essex Fabricated brings tons of business knowledge and network which, combined with our solid technical knowledge and experience in scaling AI-powered horti-robotics, will ensure that we create scalable, high-performing products that answer to business needs,” stated Robovision’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Berte. “Robovision can close the gap between European technology start-ups and concepts and the North American market.”

The formation of this partnership demonstrates a shift within the agriculture industry, signifying an increased reliance on robotics and data-driven technologies. As explained in the release, the alliance’s goal is to use AI in a way to enhance the wisdom and experience of the head grower, by allowing the continual exchange of information between humans and machines. Using the science-based findings accumulated with Robovision’s algorithmic platforms, SEF will be able to create customized, automated products with high-quality yields and less contamination and waste.

“As innovators, our mindset is always to improve, both throughout build and construction and within the entire operating and cultivating process. I am excited about this new venture with Robovision and the endless smart solutions that can be achieved within this industry. No matter what industry you do business in, AI is the future, and we are here to embrace that,” concluded Quiring.

As industry leaders continue to harness innovative technologies to fortify and streamline their operations, keep an eye out for AndNowUKnow for the latest news.

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