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SweeTango Marketing Campaign Success is Sweet

SweeTango Marketing Campaign Success is Sweet

WENATCHEE, WA - Results are in for SweeTango’s new ad campaign, and they have left a pleasant taste in the mouths of consumers and the marketing team alike. This multi-media campaign utilized ads in podcasts as well as a full-length commercial for YouTube, and found enormous success across both platforms.

While the company provided a script, podcast ads were tailored to the vibe of each host’s show for better reception by their audiences. This allowed the most important information about the apples to shine through without distracting from the regularly scheduled programing by sounding too comercial-esque.

Presentation of the full-length commercial for YouTube consisted of fans of the SweeTango apple cheering for and entering a grocery store much like sporting fans would flood the stadium on game day. Entertaining apple fan gear, such as a foam fingers and face paint in the red hue of the fruit, helped to present the product in a fresh and enthusiastic light.

The numbers:

  • Podcast ads reached 1.4 million listeners during September and October
  • Downloads of podcasts including the ad were 34 percent over September projections
  • YouTube ad reached 200,000 across the two months
  • 33 percent of viewers watched the ad start to finish despite the ability to skip after 5 seconds

In addition to these impressive statistics provided in a recent SweeTango press release, Vox Media also chose to spotlight the commercial in a recent video on their YouTube channel.

While the results only include the months of September and October, the company will continue its campaign until the end of December. It hopes that the consistent success of both the podcast and YouTube ads will bolster sales as the final harvesting of SweeTango apples wraps up for the year.

AndNowUKnow will continue to report on the latest marketing campaign success stories, and the latest ad trends that keep consumers from clicking away.


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