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Sysco Expands Direct-to-Consumer Pick-Up Format

Sysco Expands Direct-to-Consumer Pick-Up Format

SACRAMENTO, CA - Late last month, Sysco rocked the newswire with a new format that resembled big-box stores like Costco. After seeing success, the distributor has expanded the pilot, launching another pop-up grocery store in the very backyard of AndNowUKnow.

Cindy Thomson, President, Sysco Sacramento“As a result of the pandemic, Sysco has rapidly shifted our focus to align our capabilities with the changing needs of our customers and our communities,” stated Cindy Thomson, President of Sysco Sacramento, in a press release. “One way we’re doing this is offering stock-up events benefitting individual consumers.”

In Sacramento, California, Sysco expanded its direct-to-the-consumer pop-up format to help give shoppers in the area access to fresh grocery items.

After seeing the success of its new format in Florida, Sysco has expanded its direct-to-consumer pop-up grocery store to Sacramento, California

Sacramento Business Journal first reported that this Friday, Sysco will offer a one-day-only food pickup to consumers at its distribution center.

Patrick Harbison, Publicist, Owner, and Executive Director, Patrick Harbison Public Relations“This is the first time [Sysco has] ever done this in Sacramento,” stated publicist Patrick Harbison, who is representing Sysco for this event. “We are interested to see how far people will come for this. We expect Sacramento and Elk Grove, but we want to see how many people might come from far away or from the Bay Area.”

As the distributor continues to pivot from its usual strategy, how will these strategic advancements affect the way it does business in the future? AndNowUKnow will continue to report the latest.


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