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Target and Walmart Ponder CBD Product Lines

Target and Walmart Ponder CBD Product Lines

UNITED STATES - Over the years, our industry has seen food movements swell and burst into being. Words like organic, sustainability, and locally-grown are as much a part of our vocabulary as tomatoes, squash, and cukes. Now, we may soon have another word to add to our roster: CBD.

Retailers are beginning to show massive interest in CBD-infused products, even though they aren’t yet selling them. CBD, the shortened version of cannabidiol, is an ingredient found in marijuana plants that does not get you high—it only relieves pain or stress. Chains like Walmart, Target, Albertsons, and Kroger, according to a report from the New York Post, have been meeting with makers of these CBD-infused products, as well as asking them for samples.

But what could this mean for the produce industry? Although many of these CBD products stand well outside the world of fruit and veg, our industry is still showing an interest in the potential of CBD products. Just last year, those who attended the Organic Grower Summit got an inside look at Monterey County’s booming organic cannabis industry, and saw firsthand what it could mean to be involved.




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The FDA made an announcement in December that spiking food and beverages with CBD or THC was illegal, as well as transporting said products over state lines. However, with certain states legalizing marijuana, such as California and Colorado, it’s interesting to ponder just where our industry may be headed in the years to come.

Will we see more retailers showing interest in such items? Will growers become involved in the organic cannabis industry? AndNowUKnow will be sure to report the latest.