Tive Releases Webinar on Measuring Return on Investment and Real-Time Visibility

Tive Releases Webinar on Measuring Return on Investment and Real-Time Visibility

BOSTON, MA - Our industry is a perishable one, where time and quality is of the essence to ensure satisfaction along the chain. That’s why Tive is a valuable partner for us in the fresh produce industry. To help partners understand the benefits, the company is bringing a live webinar to help industry brands measure return on investment (ROI) and present real-time visibility.

Tive’s real-time shipment tracking helps solve some of the key challenges that the rapidly-growing supply chain and logistics industry is facing—and provides improved efficiency, visibility, and reliability. Because ROI means different things to different people, noted the release, FreightWaves and Tive have united to produce a webinar.

Tive and FreightWaves are hosting a live webinar to help industry organizations understand the ROI potential and real-time visibility Tive offers

To help organizations understand the ROI potential, the webinar will share insights on:

  • The benefits of real-time shipment tracking technology, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction
  • The factors that can impact ROI and best practices for making a business case to decision makers
  • Examples of how companies have successfully implemented real-time tracking technology and achieved significant ROI

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, May 4, at 2:00 p.m. ET, and will include the following industry experts: Adam Robinson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Robinson Agency; Syed Aman, Co-Founder and CEO of Hwy Haul; and Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder of Tive.

This webinar event will be held live, so register here to nab your spot. If you can’t make it, Tive will provide a replay of the video, so you’ll stay informed.

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