Trader Joe’s Announces Major Changes to Its Produce Department

Trader Joe’s Announces Major Changes to Its Produce Department

MONROVIA, CA - When Trader Joe’s announces changes, ears perk up. And when it makes changes to its produce department? Those ears practically float up to the ceiling, they’re so perked! On its podcast, the retailer’s Jack Salamon, Category Manager for Produce, discussed the ins and outs of Trader Joe’s produce department.

For those of us who frequent the specialty grocer, we’re familiar with the amount of pre-packaged goods. Trader Joe’s is actively working to correct that by implementing more loose produce products.

Trader Joe's will be implementing more loose product in its produce department

“You’ll see it in our potato and onion section, and in our apples. We have more loose apples than we did before, and more loose potatoes and onions, too,” Jack remarked.

For those products that can’t be packaged loose—think berries—the retailer is working on two new types of packaging. One is fiber till, a biodegradable and compostable cardboard-like material, and the other is a thinner type of recyclable plastic. By working on its sustainability initiatives, Trader Joe’s is on track to eliminate 4 million pounds of plastic from its stores in 2019 alone.

Other key takeaways from the episode included top-selling products, with the mighty avocado coming in at number one, followed by blueberries and organic strawberries.

Trader Joe's is working to reduce its use of plastic by creating new types of packaging for top-selling produce items

Salamon also noted that vegetable and fruit sales are increasing exponentially, with vegetables leading the sales pack. And with new items like the Soba Noodle Vegetable Kit and the Southwest Sweet Potato Bowl, it’s little wonder veggies are hitting their stride.

To listen to the episode in its entirety, click here.

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