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Western Growers Launches “Farm Fresh” Video Series

Western Growers Launches “Farm Fresh” Video Series

IRVINE, CA - Sometimes, we often dive into our plate of fresh fruits and vegetables with vigor and gusto thinking about the health benefits we’re about to consume. While that is not a bad mindset to have in this industry, Western Growers wants to bring consumers a little further up the supply chain to a very important aspect: the farmers and farm workers. In Farm Fresh, a series of videos released on YouTube, Western Growers is celebrating the extraordinary skills and ingenuity of farmers and farmworks to bring food to America’s tables.

According to the association’s release, the series was first previewed on Facebook and received almost 14 million views.

Consisting of three videos, each installment touches on the various processes and steps needed to bring the produce from the field to the shelf.

Farm Fresh: Harvesting highlights the speed, precision, and knife skills workers wield to harvest the fresh veg and fruit we all eat. For many consumers that are not in the fields regularly, the precision the workers exhibit from parsley to stalks of Brussels sprouts to mandarin is one to be amazed by.

After harvesting comes the processing. In Farm Fresh: Processing, viewers will get an inside look at how companies process and package loose produce to value-added products and how workers are always on-hand to keep the process running smoothly.

With technology advancing at a lightning pace, robotics and automation come in handy to bring the freshest produce possible. From planting to harvesting to delivery, Western Growers shows the efficiency of technology used by the expert hands of our industry.

From all of us at AndNowUKnow, we would like to thank everyone for their invaluable part in our industry and this essential supply chain!

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