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Bayer Looks to Increase Crop Productivity with Grants4Traits Program

Bayer Looks to Increase Crop Productivity with Grants4Traits Program

MONHEIM, GER – Announcing a new program based on cultivating and inspiring open innovation, Grants4Traits, Bayer is looking towards finding proposals and technologies which could increase commercial seeds and traits.

Dr. Adrian Percy, Head Of Research & Development, Crop Science Division, Bayer"Agriculture urgently needs new solutions. Crops worldwide are facing increasing pressure from weeds, insects, diseases and unfavorable climate conditions. We at Bayer see innovation as the main driver to solve this," said Dr. Adrian Percy, Head of Research and Development at Bayer’s Crop Science Division. 

To promote innovative research which could result in increased crop productivity, Bayer is offering the following possible assistance through the program, according to a press release:

  • Funding
  • Scientific assistance
  • Development of research projects or ideas
  • Possibility of support extended into long-term research collaborations

Grants4Traits will focus on finding such programs and technologies that could result in innovative traits or approaches to yield enhancements and better control in agricultural crops. Bayer stated this support could lead to innovative commercial seed products.

"Yet, this challenge is too big for one company alone. This is why big or small companies, universities and other research institutes need to join forces in order to sustain innovation and find the best solutions for sustainable agriculture together," continued Dr. Percy.

Bayer stated that university researchers, scientific institutions, or start-up companies working on such traits to increase crop yields, quality, and safety measures are encouraged to participate in the new program.

Some traits or approaches which Bayer suggests as possible innovations are:

  • Methods to protect crops from herbicides or decreased weed pressure
  • Approaches to optimize gene or protein expression, activity, and regulation
  • Solutions to protect crops from insects, nematodes, or fungal diseases

Grants4Traits is the next open innovation project of Bayer’s Crop Science division following the success of Grants4Targets, a program aimed at finding new methods of crop protection, which was launched earlier this year. Since that time, Bayer stated that 67 proposals have been submitted with more than 20 projects supported by the company.

The deadline for participation in Grants4Traits is October 31, 2016. Applications for the grant can be submitted online here, with only non-confidential information to be included.

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