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California Avocado Commission's Jan DeLyser Talks Avocado Season and Marketing Campaigns

California Avocado Commission's Jan DeLyser Talks Avocado Season and Marketing Campaigns

IRVINE, CA - Avocadon’t go breaking my heart with bad news about my favorite guac ingredient, I couldn’t bear it! Luckily, the fine folks at the California Avocado Commission (CAC) were able to assuage my ‘cado fears with news that this year’s California harvest will soon be coming my way. Paired with a California-focused marketing campaign, this season’s crop is sure to send avocado interest sky-high.

Avocados have found a home in California as the Golden State’s growing terroir provides exceptional conditions to produce quality ‘cados. Over 3,000 growers from across California grow their crops with uncompromising dedication to producing outstanding avocados. Though last year growers had some unpleasant weather to contend with, the recent rains are providing some welcome relief.

Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission“Heavy rains in the California avocado growing regions in January and February have delayed some early harvesting, as have market conditions,” said Jan DeLyser, Vice President Marketing. “We’re still expecting supply to ramp up in March with peak availability starting in April.”

Despite the recent weather worries, California Avocado Commission shared that this year’s California harvest will be coming soon

The 2019 California crop will be smaller than normal, prompting more targeted distribution and marketing. But CAC has big plans when it comes to its marketing strategies, using social media and blog activity to inform targeted consumers that the California avocado season is on the way. The Commission will be continuing its successful Made of California campaign, with a range of targetable media tactics. It has also invested in a series of entertaining videos filmed in California avocado groves. One of them is intentionally vague, displaying the California Avocados logo along with the phrase, “coming soon,” while a lone tractor crawls by in the background.

These marketing strategies are sure to drum up some major interest, with consumers intrigued and eager to find out when their precious California avocados are coming. I, for one, will be first in line when the fresh batch of ‘cados come in, with dreams of guacamole and avocado pasta sauce dancing through my head. And yes, you heard me right, avocado pasta sauce.

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