CMI Orchards' Rochelle Bohm and Danelle Huber Discuss Omnichannel Marketing Opportunities

CMI Orchards' Rochelle Bohm and Danelle Huber Discuss Omnichannel Marketing Opportunities

WENATCHEE, WA - In a world where technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, there is a constant race to stay updated with the latest trends and innovations. The same goes for produce marketing techniques, and luckily for retailers, they have CMI Orchards to keep them on the cutting edge. At this year's Southeast Produce Council's (SEPC) event, the company will be showing off its impressive omnichannel marketing services along with its apple category heroes.

Rochelle Bohm, Brand Manager, CMI Orchards"This year, we want to show retailers that we are on top of the whole world of omnichannel marketing," Rochelle Bohm, Brand Manager, explains. "We have a dedicated in-house team who are keeping abreast of all the latest technologies out there. Also, we have partnered with a third-party group that's helping us execute, and the best part of it is that retailers don't need to lift a finger. It's all done behind the scenes."

By utilizing the plethora of advertising and marketing services available on the market, CMI Orchards can connect with consumers in technologically advanced ways that may not have previously been accessible to retailers. Through these services, the supplier can drive shoppers to the produce aisle and have them load their baskets with CMI's portfolio of popular apple varieties while buyers are free to kick up their feet and watch register rings rise.

Danelle Huber, Marketing Specialist, CMI Orchards"CMI has been using outside-the-box thinking when it comes to targeting retailers, shoppers, both in-home, out of home, and online," says Danelle Huber, Marketing Specialist and one of the team members spearheading this program. "We can really tailor our services to whatever each retailer's needs. We are even able to use purchase data to send targeted push notifications to shoppers while they are in store."

How is CMI able to provide such cutting-edge marketing options? One way is through key partnerships and platforms, including Beacon Marketing Solutions, which offers access to geofencing, behavioral analysis, and other techniques.

At this year's Southern Exposure, CMI Orchards will be showing off its impressive omnichannel marketing services, which allow it to connect with consumers in technologically advanced ways

"We have Beacon Marketing capabilities that we're very excited about," adds Danelle. "For example, using this service, if somebody is within 10 to 20 feet of our product in-store, they would get a push notification saying something along the lines of ‘Try this KIKU®!' or ‘Buy this Envy!' So, we have some cool tactics that you would normally only see used for center store items, but we are bringing them to the produce department."

As the cherry on top of CMI's Southern Exposure showcase, the company will also highlight some of its top branded apples that have recently been flying off the shelves.

CMI Orchards will also be showcasing its lineup of branded apples that are flying off the shelves, with other innovations in store for attendees

"We'll have some of our ‘category heroes' featured, like Kanzi®, KIKU, Envy, Cosmic Crisp®, and EverCrisp®, a newer variety for CMI," Rochelle concludes. "Be sure to stop by our booth because we also have some behind-the-scenes innovations that you need to see in person; some exciting stuff to share that won't be preannounced."

Want to find out what exclusive innovations CMI Orchards has in store? Drop by booth #611 to uncover the secrets.

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