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David Nelley Dishes on Oppy's Apple Varieties

WASHINGTON STATE - Winter weather is fast approaching, but branded apple offerings are still heating it up, driving category sales in produce departments throughout North America.

Jazz is one of the top ten premium apples in North America

At this year’s PMA Fresh Summit, I spoke with David Nelley, VP of Categories at Oppy, to learn more about these hot varieties being harvested in the Pacific Northwest this season.

David Nelley, VP of Categories, The Oppenheimer Group“We’re selling three varieties right now, which are fresh from Washington state,” said David. “…Jazz is a year-round supply now, good sizing, and one of the top ten premium apples in North America. The next one we start with is Envy Apple, and in my opinion, it’s the best apple to come out of New Zealand in the last 25 years…The size is huge, the color is great…Finally—last but not least—the last apple we harvest is Pacific Rose.”

Jazz, Pacific Rose, and Envy apples are available fresh from Washington

From one of David’s personal favorites, the Envy Apple, to the sweet-tart Jazz and very sweet Pacific Rose, Oppy’s signature varieties offer a number of different looks and flavor profiles to please consumers this season

As David says: “Between those three, we’ve got a flavor for everybody.”

To learn more, watch our brief video above.


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