Driscoll's Soren Bjorn Discusses Category Growth, Expanded Geographies, and More

Driscoll's Soren Bjorn Discusses Category Growth, Expanded Geographies, and More

WATSONVILLE, CA – The berry category is as strong as ever, with healthy consumer demand driving sales and even prompting expanded growing operations throughout the globe.

I recently had a chance to talk with Soren Bjorn, President of Driscoll’s of the Americas, to get his take on berries and what is driving category growth and find out more about the dynamic company he leads and its plans for the immediate future.

Soren Bjorn, President, Driscoll’s of the Americas

“At Driscoll’s, our really big growth is coming from blackberries and blueberries, in particular, and we have some great new varieties that really have outstanding flavor,” Soren tells me. “That together with our organic offer—which is growing much faster than conventional—consumers are driving us in that direction.”

Driscoll's Brand New Packaging

Soren tells me that, after 20 years of program development, consumers continue to respond to and grow demand for Driscoll’s blueberries. And with significant growth in Mexico, across all of the companies berry categories, and expanding programs throughout the Americas, customers can expect ample supply of the sought-after fruit—in both organic and conventional varieties.

“We’ve got a couple new geographies that we’re growing in—plus our existing geographies are being expanded. We expect that to continue going forward,” Soren adds. “We’re really responding to the demands of consumers. The berry category is in great shape.”

Driscoll's berry field

To hear more, watch our brief interview with Soren above. And keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive video content from AndNowUKnow.


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