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FirstFruits Marketing Joins United Supermarkets to Promote Take a Bite Out of Hunger™

FirstFruits Marketing Joins United Supermarkets to Promote Take a Bite Out of Hunger™

PRESCOTT, WA - Even in times of struggle and difficulty, gestures can be fruitful and abundant. This month, FirstFruits Marketing has teamed up with United Supermarkets to bring awareness and give back through the apple category innovator’s Take a Bite Out of Hunger™ initiative.

Chuck Zeutenhorst, President, FirstFruits Marketing“This program started with Ralph Broetje, Former FirstFruits Farms Owner, who wanted to give back to the communities and regions that were impacted by food insecurity and limited access to healthy food. Ralphs passion has inspired others to pay it forward,” President Chuck Zeutenhorst, shares with me. “Ten years ago, one out of five children were going to bed hungry, and Ralph wanted to find a way to donate to those communities in need and the Take A Bite Out of Hunger initiative began.”

Now, with FirstFruits Farms under new ownership, the operation maintains the same values and continues to carry on the legacy of the Take a Bite Out of Hunger program.

Check out this quick little video with Joseph Bunting, Produce Director of The United Family to see the literal hand-off!

As Chuck adds, over the past 10 years, the program has donated over four million pounds of apples to food banks across the country, helping feed over a million people.

United Supermarkets has been a dedicated supporter to the cause and will be donating over 60,000 pounds of FirstFruits apples to multiple food banks across Texas and the main donation event kicked off at the Lubbock Food Bank on April 21, 2020.

Joseph Bunting, Produce Director, The United Family"This year, The United Family is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Take a Bite out Of Hunger program. Our ongoing participation demonstrates our commitment to serving those in our communities who are food insecure. With all that is going on right now, we wanted to make sure we did our part to provide great quality fruit to the Food Banks. Together, we can help those in need,” Joseph shares. “We are always proud to stand with these food banks as they seek to eliminate hunger in their communities.”

In order to bring retailers into the initiative’s fold, the Take a Bite Out of Hunger program offers awareness through retail displays, point-of-sale materials, packaging, and video. Retailers are encouraged to set up compelling displays and run ads to help bring the program to the attention of their shoppers. And, United is just one family that is helping to spread the message.

FirstFruits Marketing and United Supermarkets join forces to promote Take a Bite Out of Hunger™, which brings awareness to food insecurity

“United has continued to be a great partner for this program,” Chuck tells me. “We’ve analyzed the growth of the donation year after year, and this year alone we’ve donated 20,000 pounds more than the amount donated last year.”

A huge thank you to FirstFruits and United Supermarkets for raising awareness around food insecurity and taking a bite out of hunger!

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