Francesca Marchini Fordice of J. Marchini Farms Wins June Snack Logo Contest

Francesca Marchini Fordice of J. Marchini Farms Wins June Snack Logo Contest

SACRAMENTO, CA - A lucky industry member just took home $100! We recently asked you to bust out your copies of the June issue of The Snack Magazine and put your eyes to the test to discover our elusive little apple logo. Quite a few members landed in our inbox this time around, and Francesca Marchini Fordice was ultimately named the champion for the month of June.

Francesca Marchini Fordice, Sales and Marketing, J. Marchini Farms“Two things I love are snacks and The Snack Magazine,” said Francesca, Sales and Marketing for J. Marchini Farms, when claiming her $100 prize. And we couldn’t agree more!

If you missed out on this issue, don’t fret! More opportunities to nab a $100 cash reward are on the horizon. Plus, isn’t the true prize the inspiring industry stories we hear along the way?

Francesca Marchini Fordice was named the champion for the June Snack logo contest

As a reminder, the Snack logo contest rules require submissions showing your smiling face while pointing at the ANUK logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine, and the countdown does not begin until we announce it in our daily newsletter. Once you’ve spotted it, snap a selfie and send it on over with the subject line of your email stating “FOUND the Apple Logo.”

Congratulations to Francesca on this win! Stay tuned, industry friends, for there will soon be another chance to get $100 richer.

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